Tips to buy

Tips To Buy

  1. Decide exact weight of the Gemstone as per you requirement. One Carat = 0.200 Gram
  2. Choose the Shape & Cutting style as u like (Round, Cushion, Oval, Rectangular, Marquise etc.).
  3. Is the Gemstone Natural or Synthetic (Man-made). Imitation of every gemstone is available in market. So, Be Careful & Be Sure.
  4. If the Gemstone is Treated or Untreated. Gemstones are treated to enhance their outer appearance/beauty ie Color, Clarity/Transparency or both. Only Natural Untreated Gemstones give astrological Benefits.
  5. Only a qualified Gemologist knows the permissible level of inclusions in a Gemstone for astrological results. So, Consult a Gemologist before buying a Gemstone.
  6. Is the Price Worth its Quality (i.e. Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat, Luster & Finish).
  7. Pricing of Gemstones is a matter of comparison of their quality. So, our Gem Experts carefully grade Gemstones on all quality parameters & price them accordingly.

Durability of Gemstone (Hardness, Toughness, Thermal Stability & Chemical Stability).

  1. Appropriate Stone setting that protects the Gemstone and looks good too. Methods to clean the Gemstone & after care.
  2. Always ask for Authentication Report of the Gemstone form a reputed Gemological Laboratory when you buy any Gemstone.
  3. Agni Gems deals in 100 % Pure, Natural & Untreated     Gemstones. All Gemstones are certified from reputed Gem Testing Laboratory.
  4. Wear properly activated & fully energized Gemstones for best astrological results.