Rudraksha beads are derived from Rudraksha Tree. These are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit. Each Seed has different Marking pattern and may have varied number of clefts on its surface.

The Cleft marking are observed to identify the Faces (Mukhi) in a Rudraksha Bead. Rudraksha may vary from 1-Mukhi to 38 Mukhi . 1 – 11 Mukhi are widely used for astrological Benefits.

Rudrakshas are known to possess Divine Energy. It is associated with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva who are the Creator, Protector and Destroyer of Universe and also with Planets.

Depending on the Mukhi (Faces), Each rudraksha is associated with different Planet and have their specific Benefits.

Rudrakshas do not have any negative effects. Rudraksha of any Mukhi can be worn by person of any Age, Gender or Religion.

Due to their Immense Popularity, it is common to find Fake Rudrakshas in the Market. Ensure that you wear only Natural and Un-treated Rudraksha beads.

AGNI GEMS provides Natural Lab-Certified Rudrakshas, so that you too can enjoy the benefits of the Divine Bead.

Rudraksha and its benefits

1-Mukhi Sun Spirituality, Contentedness, Purity of Thoughts, Prosperity, Promotion in Career, Self-Confidence & Leadership.
2-Mukhi Moon Marriage Issues, Issues in Parenthood, Fertility Issues. It provides Mental Peace, Protection from Bad Company and Addictions, Good Health
3-Mukhi Mars Power, Government Job, Professional Growth. Boosts Confidence and Determination. Removes Lethargy, Negativity and Depression.
4-Mukhi Mercury Acquiring New skill, starting a new Venture or Beginning new Project, Job or Business. Profit in Business. Acquiring Ancestral Wealth. Promotes Innovation & Out-of-Box thinking. Boosts Immunity.
5-Mukhi Jupiter Balance of Energies in Body, Good Health & Immunity. Helps in maintaining Focus. Must wear for Good health. Ideal for Students with lack of Focus as well as Adults with Health Issues. Helps in getting sudden Gains.
6-Mukhi Venus Protection from Enemies, helps in getting Success in your Tasks. Protects from Conspiracies and Bad-Name. Gives Power to guide and discipline others. Rise in Ranks. Helps in purchasing new Property, Vehicle or Stocks.
7- Mukhi Saturn Provides Wealth and Longevity, Financial Gains & Authoritative Powers. Should be worn if facing Disputes and Rivalries. Gain in Social Status and minimizing expenses.
8-Mukhi Rahu Should be worn if facing constant interruption in Life and Work. It Protects from Defamation. It is helpful for Good Decision Making. Protects from Loss, Theft, Cheating and other Crimes. Opens up New Opportunities for Work.
9-Mukhi Ketu Spiritual advancement, Mental Peace, Promotes Innovation and New Ideas. Growth and Promotion in Career. Approval of Loans. Un-expected Financial Gains. Must wear if planning to travel for work and Leisure.
10-Mukhi Mercury Prevents Failure in New Task. Gives you the right direction. Gives Wisdom, Removes Fear, Boosts Memory. Prevents issues with Partners and Family.
11-Mukhi Saturn It also represents Lord Hanuman. Gives Power and Focus. Leadership, Protection from Evil Spirits. Protects from untimely Death and inauspicious events. Brings Health, Wealth and Success
GAURI SHANKAR Gauri-Shankar Worn for removing issues in Marriage. Must wear if facing Late Marriage or incompatibility with Partner. It is helpful for a happy and prosperous relationship with Partner.